Kevin Boyd and Bree Hietela are your hosts' former landlords and current dear friends. They saved our asses when our living situation went awry and put us up in their beautiful east(ish) side home in Detroit, where they have a vegetable farm, 3 amazing doggos, piles of amazing clothes and a ridiculous amount of love and generosity. The conversation centers around their initiative to preserve their (and our) neighborhood by boarding up abandon homes, purchasing them, encouraging friends to invest and getting them occupied (re: our dope ass beautiful home!). We love these fuckers and you will too, and they'll be back on numerous occasions.

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It's been an interesting couple of weeks for your hosts due to the fact that our place of work, Katoi, was the victim of arson. We're happy to report no one was harmed, although it's a pretty big bummer that the restaurant's interior was destroyed. This puts us out for our "day" jobs but we've received so much help from the Detroit restaurant community that it's really hard to dwell on the unfortunate circumstance. We met up with two thirds of the owners of the restaurant, the "director of experience" Courtney Henriette and the "director of space" Philip Kafka (only missing Brad Greenhill, the executive Chef). We talk about the restaurant and then open up to a more generalized discussion of Detroit.

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It was round II for Miss Molly Soda, this time she very graciously hosted us in her Hamtramck home. Surrounded by what you could only imagine her home decor aesthetic would look like, we sat around her kitchen table on a nice Wednesday afternoon and talked about Youth Culture, art, artists getting ripped off, and the need for constant dialogue about the female struggle.

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We sweated through all of our clothing on this exciting episode featuring The Metropolitan's Tony Brancaleone and our girl Lauren aka LoLo. For #035 we ended up circling around all things Detroit - the recent history of, production & lots of vodka. We also get into conspiracy theories, religion and maybe a little bit of the devil's lettuce. Check it out, y'all!

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We spent the evening with Michael Lundgren in his badass Phoenix home and studio where we were surrounded by his work. Mike was anticipating the arrival of his new book, Matter which is available for pre-order now through Radius Books. It was nice talking to him about his book which is an accumulation of work from the last 10 years in addition to the other 2.5 hours of shit talk.

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We did our second swapcast with Jesse Upshaw & Maxwell Mayberry's Southwest Social Club. It was good to be back in the ol' MAFW neighborhood sippin on some Evan Williams on a hot-ass desert night.

It's been a month of a haitus for us as we've been fucking around with our friends and family back in the Arizona Desert, but we're v excited to have recorded episode #031 with our bud Joel Robinson. He's the mastermind behind his band Sunn Trio, which we talk about at length, as well as his days in the band Praecum, his drug addiction and his current work aiding the homeless in finding housing and work. He's a rad dude and we had a lot of fun talking in his Phoenix home.

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