Something O’er the Hill features Bart Dangus and Abigail Lynch who began traveling around North America in late September of 2015, while towing along their trailer home. As of April 2016 they have settled in Detroit, MI where they continue to host the podcast both locally and (inter)nationally. In Something O’er the Hill the two discuss the city of Detroit, comedy, art, and of course interviews with a wide array of individuals. The objective at large is a platform for discourse and creative exposure, talkin' shit and getting laughs.

Abigail, 25, was raised in Phoenix and received a Bachelor of Fine Art Photography from Arizona State University in 2014. She is engaged in a variety of projects around Detroit, focusing her attentions on photography and web design. Abigail is interested in old boxes of photographs at estate sales, telling dad jokes, buying expensive art books, eating spicy food and hoop earrings.

Bart, 28, was born and raised in Phoenix and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Arizona State University in 2010. In addition to art, he also studied computer programming and works as a Software Developer in Midtown, Detroit. Bart performs stand-up all over Michigan with occasional out of state line-ups. He is interested in playing music, skateboarding, drinking beer, thick applications of paint, the smell of books and eating bacon popcorn.