Our second episode with Mo Neuharth who is an amazing artist, musician, and person. She visited us in Detroit and we got to take her to her first live stand up show and got to hear her insight. We talk art, pies, Detroit, Arizona, being in a band, shit, and drinks. It was a great time!

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Sunny and Spencer are in Detroit for the Allied Media Conference taking place at Wayne State University a few blocks from our home. The conference falls at the half way mark of their travels, which started with them flying from Vancouver, BC to North Carolina where they bought a car and have been heading north since. This was a really interesting episode as Bart and Sunny got to rehash old memories of the Tempe music scene and how integral the DIY venue YOBS was in both of their youths. We also talk about being politically correct, queer culture, virtual reality and get some details on what all went down at the conference over the last few days at Wayne State University. Thanks for listenin' y'all :,)

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We met Nova at a party a few weeks back and were enthralled by her knowledge of Detroit - from the architecture to the history, etc. and wanted to put her brain on tape. If you have any interest in Detroit, whether to live here, visit here, or just learn more about the unique city, this is the episode for you. We talk a lot about location specific details, so follow along on this slightly difficult to read map of all the neighborhoods, as well as this depiction of the "Wagon Wheel Design" as Nova informed us of.

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HELLOOOOO, DETROIT! Your hosts have finally settled down and were very excited to run into the megababe CEO of Spectrum Boutqiue, Zoe Ligon. She invited us over to her recently purchased home off 8 Mile and we posted up in her bedroom, rich with plants and sunlight (which was cast on Zoe for the duration of the podcast). Check it out/check her out/check us out, we love you all so god damn much.

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For episode #025, it's round two with our favorite Omaha comic, Rachel Ware. We're posted up next to the litter box and our blow up mattress with her beau, Nathan Guericke. Evan Williams also becomes involved, and we forgot to give the episode a formal ending, so, sorry about that.

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It was a real trip talking to and meeting powerhouse/wonderbabe Vivian Fu. We've been admiring her art and following her Instagram account for a while now, which can give you a voyeuristic sense of "knowing" someone. We start the conversation in an attempt to get to know her personally, which over all prevailed in this two hour and twenty minute episode.

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After admiring these two icons from afar it was v exciting to gather in their living room around a bunch of recording equiptment. We got right into it talking about Molly's education on photography, our ideas about photographic theory and what we all hate right now. Oh, and it turns out Damien and Bart played roller hockey together when they were little Phoenix babes.

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We've been stumbling around falling on our asses in San Francisco the past week or so, but finally got the chance to sit down with Bart's long time friend and amazing artist, Hunter Hancock. He came over from Berkley to SF to meet us in our hotel, where we posted up for a couple hours and got into the thick of it.

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