Alison Rosenfeld is our guest on episode #020. She is a Music Supervisor living and working in Los Angeles, analyzing scenes and choosing the music to go along. We ask a lot of questions about her job and proceed with the relevant and irrelevant tangents alike.

Fresh Off the Boat | Trainwreck | It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Broad City | Calientechica | Slowerblack | Thievesoftower | Michael Mcleod | Natasha Leggero | Bill Burr | Charlie Day | Mitch Hedburg

Ted Schmitz hosted us for episode #019 in his Tempe home with his two sweet lil pups. We jump right in and don't stop talking for our longest (marginally) podcast yet at three hours and two minutes. We jump around touching on just about every subject from art to skateboarding to scientology and so on.

Casey Moore's | Thai Basil | Minor Threat | There Will Be Blood | Speculum | Going Clear | Andrew Jackson Jihad | Bo Burnham | Worn Path

Bucky Miller is our guest on the long awaited episode #018. Bucky and Abigail met in their undergrad studying photography from ASU. He's in the process of completing his master's at the University of Texas in Austin in Studio Art, still making photographs but also exploring different facets of art that interest him.

Slacker | The Comedians | Big Tex Burning

Episode #017 features Christian Ramirez, badass painter, blogger and self-proclaimed pretentious asshole. We met up with him in his hotel in Baltimore while he was traveling for work and threw back some drinks on the good ol' expense account.

Philip Guston | Beautiful Losers | Margaret Kilgallen | Stephen Powers | Laguna College of Art and Design | Club Charles

Bart & Abigail recap the past two weeks in episode #016, as they're posted up in Abigail's dad's driveway in Southern Maryland. A lil weepy, a little pp, a littly drinky, check this lil' episode out.

In episode #015 we talk with visual artist Molly Soda, who is currently based in Detroit making web-based art, zines and prints. Originally from Indiana, she went to school in New York to study photography and through blogging gained a massive Internet following. Her videos are nostalgic and hilarious, analyzing the self and personal experience. It was a blast talking to her and following along the series of events that lead to her current life.

Episode #014 features Francis Kulikowski, former Phoenix resident/current Detroit resident. She makes really awesome visual art, largely found in zines, prints and wearable art. She's been killing it since moving to Detroit 2 years ago from actively making art to co-founding her online store/gallery, Relentless Melt. She had a badass booth at the Detroit Art Book fair, which is an annual event put on by Ditto Ditto Press, where she sold both her own art in addition to a variety of other artists from all over the country. We go deep in this episode // not for the light hearted.

Episode #013 is a live recording of The Backline Comedy's Power Hour featuring 4 comics - Rachel Ware (of episode #012), Heather Jones, Bart Dangus and Cameron Logsdon. 42 minutes of chuckles in Omaha.

We found Rachel Ware performing at an open mic at Barley Street Tavern and seduced her into podcasting with us. She's a hilarious comic and improv performer, co-owner of The Backline Comedy and all around ambitious and hilarious woman.

We do an update on everything that's happened since leaving Phoenix one week ago in episode #011. We're posted up in a Walmart parking lot and are just thinking about how wacky it is that this is our reality now.