We hit double digits with Taura & Caleb in episode #010. These two moved to Denver about a year and a half ago from Phoenix and have thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery and lifestyle. We talk about their new lives and everything they're doing here.

In episode #009 we start recording as we leave our former neighborhood in Phoenix. We're rife with mixed emotions and we grapple with our newfound lifestyle.

#008 features Michael Lundgren, former adjunct professor at ASU and current desert dweller, badass photographer and all around insightful dude. We spent almost three hours trying to figure out being present, punctum and if we could or could not hear the fan in the recording. Start cleaning your house listening to this one and end up sitting on your couch, lost in contemplative bliss.

#007 is with John Motta, pro skater and cofounder of Rawr Life contacted us interested in being on the show, and we enthusiastically agreed. We talk about his experiences with working with organic supplements, organically sourced honey, and his escape from a mental institution. Check out Sometimes Skateboards

#006 Do it all and do it yourself woman, Mo Neuharth, plays in bands Numb Bats and brand new project Nenami Ozone, makes bad ass pictures and is the founder of Art Problems Press. We talk about how she does it all and all the other interests she manages to squeeze into her productive and creative life.

#005 Our first swapcast, with Jesse Upshaw of Southwest Social Club. Jesse runs his own podcast interviewing creative people.

#004 Ryan Lay is a pro skater for Welcome Skateboards and co-founder of Skate After School, a non-profit that matches talented volunteers with schools to provide skateboard instruction to underserved youth.

#003 Mini Update Episode - Check out Catalina Comedy awesome Arizona show, 7pm every sunday.

#002 Alex Miller is a Phd student studying space. We talk about space mostly, and get our minds blown cause we're idiots.

#001 Bart Dangus and Abigail Lynch talk about taking our road trip and layout the whole plan.